Offline Mode Overview

Release 2.6.4 included many updates to Offline Mode. This article reflects many of those updates. 

Lost your internet connectivity? Keep working! 

Breadcrumb's got you covered so that you can continue to serve customers, send orders to the kitchen, take credit card payments and print receipts, even if you lose connectivity. 

When Breadcrumb detects a loss of connectivity, each affected iPad will automatically switch into Offline Mode. Breadcrumb will automatically switch out of offline mode as soon as connectivity is restored. Once this happens, you'll see checks "syncing" in the background. More on that below. 

When you're in Offline Mode, you'll see a bright orange bar at the top of your screen. 

What You Can Do in Offline Mode

  • Create checks - Just don't work on the same check on different iPads. (More on that below.) 
  • Take credit cards - Breadcrumb will encrypt and store credit card info and then send it to your processor once connectivity is restored. There is a chance that the card could be declined; we recommend that you collect the customer's contact info on larger checks. 
  • Send and print kitchen chits. Kitchen tickets will continue to print in offline mode provided that your iPads and printers are connected to the same network. Printing will not work if your iPad is offline because it is disconnected from the WiFi network. If your iPad is disconnected from the network, reconnect it.
  • Print signature slips and customer receipts. 
  • Adjust tips
  • Manage printers and other devices. 

What you can't do in Offline Mode

Breadcrumb relies upon the internet for certain non-workflow activities. These tasks are not available when you're in offline mode. But don't worry! We have tools to make adjustments as needed. 

  • Work a check on multiple iPads. This is the most important thing to remember in Offline Mode. If a check is edited on different iPads, it will throw off payments and reports, and it could result in lost payment from your customer. 
  • Manually enter credit cards. It’s a security requirement. During Offline Mode, credit card data is encrypted and temporarily stored on the iPad. This requires the swiped 128-bit encryption provided at point of swipe.
  • Clock in/Clock out and record a break. If you're in offline mode, have your team write down clock in,  clock out, and break times. You can adjust their time sheets later. 
  • Access reports such as timesheets, checkout reports, payins and payouts from your iPad. 
  • Sell gift cards and check gift card balances. You can take gift card payments just as you do with credit cards. 
  • Update employee records
  • Change menu items. If you use inventory counts, these may be off. 

Reasons for Offline Mode

Offline Mode occurs if:

  • You lose internet connectivity.
  • Your network has an issue.
  • Breadcrumb servers have an issue.
  • Your payment processor loses connectivity. 

Learn more about reasons for Offline Mode and how to troubleshoot. 

To find out why you're in Offline Mode:

1. Tap the lightning bolt on the orange bar. 


2. Tap Why are we in Offline Mode. 


3. This screen will give you the reason and some troubleshooting advice. See more about Offline Mode troubleshooting. 


Coming Back Online

Breadcrumb will work in the background to come back online. Once you're back online, syncing will begin. Learn more about syncing after Offline Mode

If more than 24 pass and you're still in offline mode, contact customer support.

48 Hour Limit

iPads can continuously operate offline for up to 48 hours. After 48 continuous hours offline, Offline Mode stops working. This is due to the risks associated with storing a lot of data for long time.

If you are offline for 48 hours or longer, contact customer support.


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